As promised, I am following up on the two Glossier masks mentioned in my FACE MASKS post from January. I was seeking out a detox mask to address my self-diagnosed, hormonal congestion, and with dry, winter skin staring me in the face every day I jumped on the Glossier bandwagon purchasing the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and, it’s companion, the Moisturizing Moon Mask.

Here’s what Glossier says about this duo:

Our bestselling masks are designed to work in harmony to hit the reset button on your skin. One detoxifies, while the other hydrates. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack goes on first. Made with a gentle white kaolin clay base, plus vitamin-rich beauty foods—think of it as a juice cleanse for your face. Rinse, and follow with the Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s formulated with honey, aloe, and plant-based squalane to plump skin up with moisture and restore elasticity. Meanwhile, licorice root and lemon extracts gently brighten…

Glossier sells these masks separately for $22 each, or as a duo for $40. (I’m not that good at math, but I know a $4 savings when I see one.) Considering what I’ve spent on skincare in the past, these bargains were a no-brainer.

So, did they work?

Yes. I definitely felt smoother, softer skin after using the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. My skin felt refreshed and clean. Was I “wowed” after one use? No. But my skin did not react with a breakout, so that’s a win. My chin seems to be clearing a bit and I do attribute some of that to using this mask a couple of times per week. The Moon Mask was most definitely hydrating. I do not have severely dry skin, but it can feel tight in the winter. This did the trick to keep it supple. Plus, it has ingredients to brighten hyperpigmentation. (Double duty in my book, folks.)

I’ve tried A LOT of different masks over the years. I’m trying to simplify my skincare routine and this is a no-nonsense mask duo that I always look forward to using. I will definitely be repurchasing.


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