I am not a beauty blogger…or, at least I didn’t set out to be one.z0nvqfroqwa-denys-nevozhaiInitially, I envisioned this space to be one of sharing. Of learning. Of collaboration. A place where the women in my life shared a bit about what they did on the daily to take care of themselves. The hope was that they would share it with the women in their lives and we could all have a good ‘ol laugh about crows feet and gray eyebrow hairs; or, we could all nod along as we read about the lack of time in the morning, and the confusion over which moisturizer was right for ‘sometimes dry, but actually, no, rather oily, OMG…why am I STILL breaking out!’ skin.

The impetus for starting this space was my piquing interest in the YouTube Beauty Community. If you aren’t familiar, there are a plethora of women creating beauty-related content ranging from skincare recommendations to ‘Get Ready with Me’ videos and everything in between. Watching these women made me realize that I didn’t know what the women in MY life did on a daily basis. I was giving so much credence to these literal “virtual strangers,” but would rarely speak with my friends IRL (that’s “In Real Life,” Mom) about skincare, favorite mascaras, or daily beauty rituals.  The few conversations I did have I likened to female-bonding exercises that left me feeling informed, and not alone in the quest to feel good about my (ahem, aging) appearance. If I wanted to know about this stuff, surely my friends did, too…and their friends…and their friends.  I curated a short questionnaire to send to my friends with the intent of posting a new “Beauty Biography” once or twice a week while creating my own (and your own) social network of beauty.

beauty [byoo-tee]: the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind… (dictionary.com)

But, like most things I do in life, there was a disconnect. Maybe it was my inability to articulate my idea clearly. I think I was blinded by what already existed in the world of beauty bloggers and vloggers: PRODUCTS.  But, I’m not interested in the newest product launch. I’m not going to review a pile of products because I do not purchase a pile of products. I don’t know anything about skincare, or makeup, outside of what I read in other blogs or watch on YouTube. I’m interested in what works and what the women I know, and trust, actually like and use. More importantly, I’m interested in what the women in my life do to take time for themselves. To feel good about themselves. I know that that I sometimes get lost in who I am, but devoting a few minutes a day to just me provides a little more clarity.

A lot of friends I approached were apprehensive to fill out their own Beauty Biography. I heard the following:

“I don’t do anything.”
“I can’t write.”
“Er, I guess I’ll do it.”
I also heard nothing. No response. At all.

We all do something. Even if we think it’s nothing. I know this to be true because I’ve had in-depth conversations about “beauty-related matters” with the people that said they had nothing to say when approached about contributing to this space. (I also understand that it’s hard to talk about yourself. It is. Use an alias. No photo required. I have stock photos. All good). Maybe my questions were too focused. Maybe they didn’t reflect the vision. In a perfect world, they would be tailored to each and every person responding. I tried to be general. I tried.

I had a handful of supportive friends filled out the Beauty Biography. I had yet another handful of well-intentioned friends tell me that they were working on it. In the meantime, as not to become an absentee blog-owner, I threw together some filler posts until more Beauty Biographies arrived in my inbox. But it didn’t feel right. The blog wasn’t supposed to be about me. Unfortunately, my inbox remains empty.

So, if you are one of the people I approached, please reconsider submitting. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Or, send this to someone you think would like it.

If you are reading this and would like to fill out your own Beauty Biography, please get in touch via the Contact page or write it here.  I’m opening it up to ALL.

I love the responses I’ve received so far. I’m going to keep this space alive with the hope that it will become what I envisioned.